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About the Midwife

Candace Robinson, CPM

I am a direct-entry midwife (DEM) and Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), and I assist women and their families in having homebirths.  I live in central Kentucky, outside of Lexington.  After my first child was born in a hospital in 1993, I learned about doulas.  I decided that I wanted to support women in labor by becoming a birth doula.  After my second child was born at home in 1997 with a midwife in attendance, I first considered studying to be a midwife.  For two and a half years, I apprenticed with a handful of local direct-entry midwives attending homebirths.  In 2000, I finally made the decision to seek more expertise and expand my clinical skills at Casa de Nacimiento, a free-standing birth center in El Paso, Texas.  I interned there for approximately 10 weeks.  That experience, coupled with apprenticeship, was the best thing that I could have ever done to prepare myself to attend homebirths as a primary midwife.

I am specifically trained in normal birth.  I am equipped to recognize situations that could potentially become complicated and seek to prevent or manage them before complications arise.  I possess a skillset- obtained through years of working outside of a hospital- which allows me to intercede when, otherwise, a safe homebirth would not be possible.  I am also trained to appropriately consult and/or refer to a hospital care provider during an emergency or when a situation is out of my scope of practice.  I adamantly support the rights of women and their families to make informed choices about their own care.  I believe that women's bodies work, and that birth usually unfolds in the way it is meant to when uninterfered with.

I provide competent midwifery care for women choosing to birth at home.  I have attended several hundred homebirths, and many free-standing birth center and hospital births.  I have also attended over 90 home waterbirths as of August 2007.

My training is primarily made up of apprenticeship with local midwives and internship at a free-standing birth center.  I have received the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM).  I strive to continue learning in ways that will enhance my midwifery practice when educational opportunities arise.  I am certified in CPR for Healthcare Providers and First Responders (ASHI) and Neonatal Resuscitation (AHA/AAP).  I am also a birth doula certified through DONA, an accredited La Leche League Leader, and a NARM Qualified Evaluator.

Philosophy of Practice

Midwifery care is
faith based, while medical care is typically fear based.  I believe that birth is an inherently natural, physiological process.  I have complete faith in women's ability to birth their babies in almost every circumstance.  I support the rights of mothers to birth how, where, and with whom they choose.  Women have the right to competent midwifery care in their own home environment, if that is what they freely choose.  Studies show that, for
low-risk women, planned birth at home with a trained midwife is as safe or safer than hospital birth.

I feel that it is my responsibility to give information, guidance, and support.  I keep an eye on the normal, and intercede when it becomes necessary to ensure the safest possible outcome in keeping with the mother's wishes.  The woman seeking a homebirth must accept full responsibility for the health care of herself and that of her baby.  Only she can keep herself truly healthy and low-risk.  For most, the decision to have a homebirth is about taking responsibility and control of a normal, family-centered, life event.  As opposed to most hospital situations, where patients 'consent' to treatment and give their responsibility over to hospital staff.  Often, I am able to help facilitate a 'hands-off' birth where the mother and father alone can receive their baby gently as I observe.  It is a special and empowering experience.  Mothers and babies should never be separated, unless under extreme circumstances.  The first two hours after birth is a precious time for mother and baby which is deeply respected in my practice.

In my practice, my goal is to be a good match to each client so that developing good relationships comes naturally.  The relationship between midwife and client is a mutual one.  There must be trust going both ways.  Both midwife and client carry an equal share of responsibility.  In working together, we can prevent problems and have beautiful outcomes.
I trust that clients will try their best to keep themselves healthy.  I believe that women do not need pain medication to labor and birth normally.  Women's bodies work.  And I know that moms will breastfeed to the best of their ability because they know what is best for their babies.


As well as caring for pregnant women and new mothers, I am also at times training student midwives.  I believe that it is vital to pass on the knowledge that has been entrusted to me.  It is important to have enough well-trained direct-entry midwives to keep up with the growing demand of mothers choosing homebirth in Kentucky.  My apprentices accompany me to prenatal appointments, births, and postpartum appointments in order to observe and gain the hands-on training needed to become competent midwives.  They can be a truly valuable part of the birth team.